Ras Lion

RAS LION (Lion’s Den, Dub der guten Hoffnung, Serendubity // Berlin, DE)


Ras Lion is a music addict: from production to promotion to selection to engineering to celebration to collection… As the head of the Lion’s Den and a dedicated musical activist, he runs a label, a sound system, a studio and promotion. He is also a founding member of Dub Der Guten Hoffnung and part of the Serendubity Crew.

His musical works move mostly in sounds such as Dub, Steppaz & Reggae, but sometimes also touch other styles. Always on a musical mission, Ras Lion collaborates with various vocalists, musicians and producers from all over the world – it’s all about connecting different people, different influences and inspiration, and merging creative energies.

When playing live, a fine selection of tuff dubs and conscious lyrics combine to make the massive skank and spread positive vibes all around in a sound system style, Lion’s Den fashion!